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Automated sourcing and engagement


Targeted outreach to a database of 150m talent profiles
Engage passive talent at scale

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Job requisition marketing & distribution


One-click-apply was all the rage, but it left recruiters to deal with the consequences of noisy, unfiltered talent pipelines. Wendy can promote your jobs strategically, on the right job boards, engaging and recommending talent so you can spend your time most effectively.

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Role specific screening and recommendations


Wendy integrates with your ATS or Career page to engage every applicant with a role specific screening. The questions are generated from the parsed job requirements and the recruiting team can calibrate Wendy’s chat or evaluation criteria.

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Coordination of scheduling & additional recruitment steps


Wendy can direct your candidates to the appropriate next steps in your recruitment process. She can automatically schedule qualified candidates on your calendar, or integrate and request additional assessments to gather more insights on your pipeline.

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Integrates with existing system


Wade & Wendy securely integrates with a wide range of ATS, CRM’s and other recruitment technology vendors. We have a robust suite of API’s and an internal development team to support any integration requirements.

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Transform your talent acquisition team with an AI Recruiter

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