Meet Wendy, the AI Recruiter designed with humans in mind

Wendy collaborates with your team by integrating into your existing workflow. She removes the chaos from your process, taking responsibility for repetitive top-of-funnel tasks, so you can focus on making smarter hiring decisions.

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Wendy's Product Offerings


Wendy automates your top of funnel activity by engaging potential talent through personalized outreach.


Add Wendy to your website and career page to turn visitors into informed applicants in your pipeline.


Using industry knowledge and your company's hiring preferences, Wendy screens interested talent 24/7 and makes insightful recommendations.

Your new team member

Wendy works with you

Wendy integrates with your existing tools and workflows to streamline your recruiting processes. With Wendy taking responsibility for the repetitive steps in your process, your human team will be able to make faster and more informed hiring decisions.

Wendy learns with you

Designed to grow with you and your team, Wendy is trained on your feedback. With every interaction, she learns to source and recommend talent that complements your team dynamics and industry needs.

Offload robotic recruiting tasks

Automated personalized email engine


Your outreach activity


Increase in qualified talent

Role-specific screenings and evaluations

30 hours saved

For every 100 candidates per role


Of recommended talent receive an interview

Career page Talent Widget

24/7 Engagement

Increase Conversions

From viewers to applicants from career page

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