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Sourcing passive talent


You give Wendy a job requisition and then she gets to work on presenting you qualified and interested candidates… It’s like magic!

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Talent pipelining


Wendy receives a job opening and instantly builds a pipeline of matched talent to engage & inform about the opportunity.

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Personalized outreach & managed campaigns


Forget about having to write each email, Wendy will automatically generate personalized messages to each candidate, and intelligently manage outreach campaigns to improve conversions.

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Sourcing chats


Candidates want to learn about an opportunity before they apply, and they want to do it on their time. In comes Wendy, available 24/7 to chat about the role presenting videos, images and insights about the company and role.

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Screening chats


Most chatbots make you the recruiter write all the questions and content, not Wendy! She intelligently parses the job description, leverages her knowledge of the domain, to produce a role-specific chat to inform and evaluate your talent pool.

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Job requirement calibration


Wendy does the work, but you are always in control. Provide Wendy feedback and calibrate the topics she covers in a chat including must-haves, nice-to-haves, tangential and related skills, and experiences.

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Short-list qualified & interested talent


One-click-apply was nice for candidates, but it left recruiters with a noisy ATS and a hassle to identify the right talent. Wendy will identify the talent who is engaged, has confirmed interest, and meets your qualifications for the role. All you have to do is decide whom you want to spend time with.

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Targeted advertising


Wendy doesn’t rely on her network alone, she is partnered with many of the most prestigious and niche job boards to intelligently distribute your job postings. You will no longer have to deal with the influx of unqualified applicants from a posting. Wendy will engage each candidate & submit only qualified, interested and available talent to your pipeline.

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Insights & Analytics


Wendy is working for you around the clock and it’s all happening in the background. Each and every job you have Wendy work on will have it’s own reporting to understand her effort and performance on a role.

Wendy is engaging each and every candidate to provide unique insights and recommendations so you can make informed hiring decisions.

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Flexible & on-demand


It’s the holiday season and your company needs to rapidly ramp up hiring to support customers. You can hire a workforce of recruiters and then downsize when the season ends. Or you can give Wendy the extra work and painlessly reduce her req load once she helped you meet your increased hiring demands. Don’t worry, she won’t mind.

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Client advisory & integration support


Our team of humans behind the machine are here to provide hands-on guidance on how to structure your recruiting organization for the future of work. Lean on the technology to increase scale and bandwidth of the team, and leverage data and insights to optimize your results.

We have dedicated team who work with our clients and their vendors for any data ingestion, migration or integration needs.

We offer a high-tech, high-touch support model.

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Automated scheduling & coordination


After Wendy performs her top-of-funnel recruiting tasks, she isn’t just going to leave you with the laborious task of scheduling time with the candidates she recommends. You can have Wendy schedule your interviews and coordinate next steps recruiting process.

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The end result is an automated process, engaging candidate experience, and informed recruiting team to make fast and successful recruiting decisions.

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