“Work From Anywhere” Model: 3 Tips On How to Adapt Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

By: Danielle Farage

Feb 16, 2021

What implications does “Work From Anywhere” have on hiring?


Last week, Spotify announced its “Work From Anywhere” program, allowing employees to work from any country. (Salesforce recently announced a similar program)


According to Spotify, “A flexible working culture is built on trust, communication, collaboration, and connection and acknowledging that we’re all individuals, with different needs and rituals, gives us the right frame of mind to let go of a few chosen truths and instead find what’s right for our business and our people.”


So, how does TA – once a regional landscape, now a global one – adapt to this change? How do we prepare for such an expansive talent pool?


Tap into existing global talent pools

Look for talent everywhere and leverage digital tools to help you engage them – for example, our AI recruiter has a 950M+ global database of talent – enabling your team to easily adapt to any changes: remote work, office, timezones, etc.


Screening automation

By automating candidate engagement, TA teams can continuously engage with talent regardless of time zone, and move them through the pipeline. Only to be presented with qualified, interested and available candidates.


Scheduling automation

According to a 2019 study, employees waste 14 hours on scheduling interviews for a single role. Automating this process allows recruiters to focus on building relationships and the candidate experience.


Check out these 3 ways to facilitate workplace culture in a remote workplace.


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