The Impact of Trust, Transparency and Technology on Workplace Culture

By: Dave Mekelburg

Feb 17, 2021

Are you happy at work? Do you like the work itself? What about the way you were hired? Or the culture?


How you feel about your workplace & its culture matters – maybe more than you realize.


The employee experience has an outsized impact on company culture – the way people come together and get things done, the behaviors that drive interaction and decision making (not to mention your daily lived experience).


Jeff Mike (VP + Head of Human Capital Research and Insights at Deloitte) sat down with Recruitment Automation Podcast host, Max Notis, to share some of Deloitte’s groundbreaking findings on the candidate + employee experience – and how it’s shaping culture today. (Check out the full conversation here!)


Jeff’s team has found an incredible throughline between candidate experience, workforce experience (how employees interact with the org), workplace experience (the “space” everyone interacts in), and the work itself (the context, the amount, the design, the expectations): they’re all related, and they’re all impacting culture.


Because if you come into the organizations feeling like the company treated you wonderfully throughout the hiring process → you’re likely to bring that positive energy into your daily interactions (and similarly, if you didn’t feel as great… that’s going to come through, as well).


And one of the cornerstones they’ve found for building a positive and successful culture is trust. From Jeff: “Trust is a differentiator.”


Researchers are finding that the newest frontier for building trust and defining culture is through technology.


Jeff specifically calls out chatbots – sure, they can be used for making the process more efficient, but they’re also a powerful way that candidates and employees are interacting with the organization at scale: the information they deliver, the way they deliver it – these things set the tone and are a major opportunity for orgs to build their culture. Check out this blog on 3 ways to facilitate culture in a remote workplace.


I don’t want to step on too much of the conversation because Jeff’s insights are absolutely mind-blowing (I’ve probably read thousands of pieces and listened to hundreds of conversations about hiring + culture… I can’t remember something rocking my world as much as this). Definitely give it a listen.


This was excerpted from the 2-11-2021 RAC Newsletter. Sign Up for the Newsletter here.

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