Important Advice: Telling Your Story to Create Change

By: Dave Mekelburg

Mar 19, 2021

What’s the most important advice you never received? For me, it’s easy: figure out how to tell your story. This is important in, well, just about everything: from being a candidate to recruiting to sales to operations to product development to partnerships to just being a good friend.


If you can tease out what’s important and relevant about who you are, what needs to be done (and why), or what happened (and why), you can do so much. You can get people on board with a project, help people learn from your experience, or provide comfort to someone.


I’ve been thinking about stories a lot lately, and earlier this week, I re-watched the amazing conversation between Katrina Kibben and Courtney Martinez “How To Turn A Story Into A Job Post People Read.” An incredible deep-dive on figuring out how to provide a consistent experience from being a customer to job posts to the first 120 days of employment (and everything in between).


Stories have been on our brain over here, as we’ve been planning some shorter-form, less formal get-togethers for the coming weeks. We’ve been hosting Clubhouse conversations every week and will be holding some regular chats in the RAC Community.


Every week, we’ll be bringing together some amazing folks to discuss DEIB practices – particularly with an eye towards how current trends like remote teams and AI/automation are shaping the work.


But overall, we want to create a space for people to come share their whole stories: how they got where they are today, examples for what’s working and what isn’t, and an opportunity to learn about the people behind the work.


So, come join us every week and feel free to jump in and tell your story 🙂


This was excerpted from the 2-25-2021 RAC Newsletter. Sign Up for the Newsletter here.

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