60 to 6

By: Dave Mekelburg

Oct 29, 2020

It shouldn’t take 60 darned days.

The average job search today lasts around 60 days, according to Indeed. Roughly nine weeks. That means if you started looking for a job in July… chances are, you’re still looking today on October 22.

That’s nine weeks of refreshing the same job boards over and over, nine weeks of waiting for calls back, nine weeks of financial worry, nine weeks of uncertainty.

I can’t stop thinking about this. At the start of the crisis, my team at Wade & Wendy and I sat down and put together an internal rallying cry, something that keeps us laser-focused on the problem we’re solving.


We want to go 60 to 6.

We want to shrink the hiring process – for job seekers and for companies – to 6 days.

The empty seat at your company? We think it should be filled in less than a week.

The pain and uncertainty of finding the next role? We want to end it 10x faster.

“Alright,” you’re saying, “that sounds great… but… how?” 

Well, we don’t think people should look for jobs anymore… we think the right jobs should come directly to them.

Which is why we’re building Wade, our AI career guide (you may have seen our demo at the most recent RACcheck out the video here).

Job seekers can chat with Wade about what the work they’ve done, the work they want to do, they can take personality quizzes to find work that fits and learn about new career paths, they can journal about work or life.

And when it’s time to find the next role, instead of having to filter through a bunch of irrelevant jobs, Wade delivers personalized jobs that makes sense for them, helping job seekers find work that is most fulfilling – whether that person is prioritizing salary, mission, flexibility, growth, or whatever is important.

Wade is still in private beta, but we’re opening up the signup list exclusively to the RAC community. Just scan the QR code below (pull out your phone’s camera and aim it at that code, you should be directed from there).

We’re slowly inviting people off the list, and we can’t wait for you to meet Wade:



But 60 to 6 doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The whole community has to work together to make something this ambitious and this important happen.It means recruiting teams have six days to build meaningful relationships to guide candidates through the journey. All the automation in the world doesn’t change the fact that hiring is still people meeting each other and deciding they should work together.It’s still a human decision. It just shouldn’t take 60 darned days.



This was excerpted from the 10-22-2020 RAC Newsletter. You can sign up for the Newsletter at the bottom of the RAC homepage.

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