Redefining Recruiting Software For the Era of AI-Human Cooperation

By: Wade & Wendy Team

Jun 12, 2019

Are you frightened of AI? Have you heard a rumor that robots are going to take everyone’s job? We’ve heard these rumors too. It’s no surprise that lots of people are under the impression that the world of employment will soon look like a deleted scene out of Westworld. Tools that use machine learning are becoming much better than humans at previously ‘human’ jobs, like diagnosing disease, flying planes, navigation, and predicting the weather. Some might see this as machine learning tools ultimately obviating humans from the workforce. But we see it a little differently.

Behind the fear-mongering, here’s the truth: In countless areas of life, cooperation between humans and machines is already making everything easier, smoother and more efficient. For the most part, these tools are developed to be best at taking the boring, manual and repetitive tasks off the plates of the humans who would ordinarily have to perform them, leaving them free to do the jobs that machines are not able to do: the jobs that require serious strategy, empathy, generalized and multi-disciplinary thinking. The most obvious example of this is how machine learning algorithms can help doctors diagnose disease by running countless tests and theories on a range of inputs. The doctor is free to focus on patient care and use their very human brain to analyze the incredible data that the machine has brought to her attention.

The Wade & Wendy platform is all about defining and leading the conversation between human and machine. Our AI recruiters achieve the best of both worlds. They keep hiring a personalized process, but at the same time they allow hiring to occur at the scale and speed that enterprises need, but often struggle to achieve. Recruiters under pressure from hiring managers can do their jobs better, while prospective employees get to enjoy rich, personalized conversations that help them further their career.

Wade and Wendy is an AI-based recruiting software, but our processes are very human-focussed. Our goal has always been to create the foundation for a new kind of relationship between human and machine. We want to take the manual, boring labour off recruiters’ plates, and give them better data, faster screening, and more time to do the things that only humans can do: ensure the person who gets the job is the absolute best person they could find to fill that role using quality data that they could never have gathered themselves.

Equally, we want to give candidates a recruiting conversation with an entity that is patient, never overworked or rushed, and possesses total data recall on every relevant point. Wendy is built to be measured and flexible to converse with, and possesses full knowledge of a candidate’s background and their target industry.

Wendy is part of a new frontier of technology that is being developed specifically to work side by side with humans to help recruiters do their jobs even better, and candidates get a richer experience. If you want to learn more about how Wendy could assist your recruiting team, schedule a demo here.

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