Five Habits of Successful Recruiters — and How an AI Partner Can Help

By: Wade & Wendy Team

Jul 23, 2019

Recruitment is such a rewarding line of work partly because it’s so varied, with new people and new challenges arriving every day. However, even though every workday is unique, all good recruiters have good core habits. They have certain principles and standards that they stick to throughout their work.

Here are five ways to boost your recruiting game — and some tips on how an AI recruiting partner can help.


1. Make Candidates Feel Welcomed

In recruiting, candidate experience is paramount. Candidates need to feel that recruiters are paying them the proper attention, and giving them a fair hearing. Whether you’re screening active applicants or pursuing passive candidates, first impression is particularly important. The initial interaction needs to be rich, personalized, and unhurried.

A chatbot like Wendy conducts a sophisticated conversation that reacts to the unique circumstances of each candidate, so that the interaction is customized to their personal story. Wendy has all the information at hand, has a perfect memory, and never gets tired. She can be a great tool to ensure that candidates feel valued from the jump.


2. Have All The Information You Need to Answer Candidate Questions

It is no secret that a strong employer brand is one of the best recruitment practices. A great representation of brand and culture can really entice the right candidate, and vice versa.

Every recruiter has had to rush through screening calls that they forget to mention key points or unable to answer questions a candidate may have. It’s been a long day, you’re juggling thirty different open roles, and having to remember all the relevant details — it’s a lot.

A chatbot like Wendy can be programmed with an infinite amount of information; everything a candidate could possibly want to know about a role or an organization. She also has perfect informational recall. Rather than straining to hold everything in your working memory, you can let your AI assistant communicate information for you. This lets you save your brainpower for the more complex conversations further down the line.


3. Fully Prepare Candidates for the Final Interview

Good recruiters never send a candidate into a final interview feeling unprepared. They make sure that the candidate is fully aware of what to expect: the format of the interview, who will be in the room, what sort of questions they are likely to be asked, which features of their resume they should ensure they mention, and so on. If a recruiter is doing his/her job, the interview process should be very predictable. The candidate should walk in knowing exactly what to expect.

This sort of interview preparation is only possible if recruiters have the bandwidth. It requires time to learn what the hiring team needs and properly plan what the interview will look like, then sit down with the candidate to fill them in. This is in-depth work, and it’s hard to do when you’re burdened with tedious top-of-the-funnel tasks — exactly the tasks that an AI recruiting partner can take off your plate.


4. Properly Track and Data-Organize Your Efforts

Successful recruiters are diligent about quantifying all of their efforts. With the help of data, they track all the relevant metrics: how many reach-outs have been conducted, who has and hasn’t responded, what stage everyone is at in the hiring process. For one, this quantification is the only way to keep on top of your present efforts. Secondly, it can provide the insight you need to help you optimize your approach and strategies moving forward.

AI recruiting partner are built so that they track absolutely everything, in flawless detail. All the interactions and events that pass through a chatbot’s digital matrix are recorded and logged for future analysis. This means that, when it comes to effectively tracking and organizing your efforts, an AI assistant can be invaluable in recording everything you need.


5. Make Time for the Deep Work of Recruiting

All recruiters know which parts of the job they love: spending time with promising candidates, diving deep into the hiring team’s needs, facilitating those perfect matches between candidate and role. But in reality, a lot of the job gets taken up with drudgery and repetition: Searching through databases, sending email blasts, getting bogged down in long back-and-forths.

An AI recruiting partner like Wendy automates the repetitive early work of recruiting, so that a recruiter’s time is freed up for the deep work of the job. With more time on their hands, they can patiently build candidate relationships, and act in a real career advisement role. They can also spend more time understanding the roles and building better teams.

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