Five Talks You Shouldn’t Miss at SourceCon Atlanta 2019

By: Wade & Wendy Team

Sep 24, 2019

After last night’s kickoff party (which was a blast!), SourceCon Atlanta gets into full swing today. There are a tonne of opportunities to be fascinated and entertained at the Westin Peachtree Plaza over the next 48 hours. Choosing what to attend and what to skip throws up a bunch of dilemmas.

You should, of course, come and see the Wade & Wendy crew at Booth 54. But after that…?

To help you refine your itinerary for today and tomorrow, we’ve listed our top five talks you shouldn’t miss at SourceCon Atlanta 2019.

1. How AI is Disrupting the Recruiting Industry by Jim McCoy, Chief Revenue Officer and General Manager of Scout Exchange

Over the next few years, AI is going to revolutionize recruiting. In this session, McCoy will discuss how machine learning is increasingly able to replace complex human thought, and how this shift is bringing significant disruption to recruiting and staffing. Anyone who is serious about optimizing the talent acquisition journey for both human recruiters and candidates should be thinking about these topics, and McCoy’s session will give you plenty to chew on.

Wed Sep 25–1:00 PM — 1:35 PM (35 mins.)

2. Lonely Sourcing — When Candidates Don’t Respond by Sjamilla Van der Tooren, Self-Employed Technical Recruiter

In this session, Sjamilla Van der Tooren will dive into the mind of candidates to consider what does and doesn’t appeal to them about recruiters’ messaging techniques. Van der Tooren will discuss how we can put effort and passion into our reachout efforts, and up our response rates in the process. As chatbots and other sorts of communication automation continue to rise, thinking carefully about how to structure candidate messaging is imperative.

Wed Sep 25–11:00 AM — 12:00 PM (1 hour)

3. Diversity Sourcing Tools 101 by Sarah Goldberg, Sourcing Engagement Lead at Objective Paradigm

Diversity is a major issue within modern-day recruiting. In this session, Goldberg will explore how key players are building tools and platforms that make it easier for companies to source inclusively, and cover best practices for using and applying the different diversity tools to authentically and effectively seek out candidates. This is a great session for getting to grips with the basics of diversity sourcing.

Tue Sep 24/ 1:55 PM — 2:15 PM (20 mins.)

4. Fully Automated Sourcing by Jason Roberts, Global Head of Technology and Analytics at Randstad Sourceright

Jason Roberts is in a powerful position to talk about high-level talent acquisition. In his session, he will discuss how Randstad Sourceright leveraged automation in their staffing, and discuss the nitty gritty of how this automation works. Roberts will explore, at a macro level, how the company creates value by combining proven processes with high-output technology to create efficiency, scalability and flexibility. (Spoiler alert: we helped Jason out, so Wendy is a big part of his automation story!)

Tue Sep 24/ 2:45 PM — 3:30 PM (45 mins.)

5. Is Technology Our Friend or Our Enemy? By Jan Tegze, Senior Recruiting Manager at SolarWinds Czech

At Wade & Wendy, we believe wholeheartedly in the potential of AI to improve recruiting for the better. However, you can only make the most of any technology if you stay wise to its potential pitfalls. Here, Tegze discusses how the apps and tools helping us might also hide potential candidates. Anyone working with AI should be thinking about these obstacles so we can be sure to overcome them.

Wed Sep 25/ 9:05 AM — 9:50 AM (45 mins.)

Have a fantastic time at SourceCon Atlanta over the new couple of days! And remember: come see us at Booth 54.

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