Diversity in Recruitment Tech

By: JiWon Yoo

Jun 29, 2020

As we round off the end of June, celebrating LGBTQ+ pride month, diversity proves to be just as important as ever. Maximizing productivity and diversity in the workplace entails many steps, such as ensuring that employees feel safe, accepted, and given opportunities transcendent of their sexuality, race, gender, and disability. 

Here at Wade & Wendy, we’ve always had the strong philosophy of the encouragement of diversity. It’s a crazy world out there – it’s been radically changed by the effects of COVID-19, rendering hundreds, if not thousands of companies to go remote. However, this is far from a stop. In spite of recent adversities, Wade & Wendy has continued to work towards growing, improving, streamlining capabilities, diversity, and equal opportunity through the enhancements in automation. 

A recent Deloitte survey found that workplace diversity pays off – inclusive workplaces generate 30% higher revenue per employee and are twice as likely to meet set financial goals, proving just how effective D&I is in creating a more cohesive, accepting, and equal workplace. 

Here are six companies jumping ahead of the curve in order to bridge the gap between workplace growth and diversity. 

  • Textio provides an online service which parses writing in job listings, flagging gender-biased language that may be divisive amongst online applicants, increasing the likelihood of equal recruitment amongst both men and women. 
  • Wade & Wendy utilizes a conversational AI system in the recruitment process, streamlining scheduling, interviewing, and basic information gathering. Wendy boosts sourcing to niche and diverse audiences, recognizing minority candidates, and targeting underrepresented groups via email, SMS, and chat, increasing diverse hires by 56%.
  • Fairygodboss, one of our most recent speakers at the Recruitment Automation Conference, provides a system similar to Glassdoor, but exclusively for women. By providing anonymous reviews, flexibility, and transparency into jobs, it brings stronger opportunities for women in the hiring process.
  • Search Party utilizes machine learning to help match candidates to employer job descriptions, showing the closest fit. Therefore, this effectively rids human bias from the initial screening stage.
  • Blendoor lets recruiters swipe through profiles, akin to modern dating apps, receiving quick rundowns of candidate profiles and qualifications, all while concealing the applicants’ gender and ethnicity.
  • GapJumpers allows candidates to apply under anonymity by completing work assignments, also bridging the gap between elimination of bias, and effective hiring.

In addition to our focus on D&I in our recruitment systems and development, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be holding our second Recruitment Automation Conference, centered around the theme of diversity and inclusion this coming July. 

The conference is completely free, bringing the global recruitment community together to learn, grow, and connect, with attendees ranging anywhere between recruiters, sourcers, executives, builders, and industry experts: the people that are driving the evolution of digital recruitment – and the people that want to learn more about it. Learn more on our socials, and register for free here!

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