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A Radically Improved Candidate Experience

We leverage proprietary conversational intelligence and a robust domain knowledge graph to create an engaging recruiting experience where every candidate feels listened to, understood, and informed.

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Meet your team's newest Recruiter

Boosting the Capacity & Performance of Your Talent Acquisition Team


Access to over 150M talent profiles and growing

Automated personalized outreach & conversational engagement to expand qualified pipeline


24/7 availability; role-specific screening & evaluations to shortlist a qualified talent pipeline

Engaging and informative interactions resulting in a more positive candidate experience


Integrates into existing systems for workflow automation

Automates scheduling & follow-up interactions

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Learn how our AI Recruiter, Wendy, can ramp up quickly to fill your open roles.

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"As an RPO, we're constantly tackling three challenges: how can we increase the efficiency of our recruiting process? How can we create the best talent experience possible? And how can we do this at scale for millions of hires? Deploying Wendy across our portfolio...”

You’re in good company

Jason Roberts

Global Head of Technology and Analytics at Randstad Sourceright

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