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Wade & Wendy supports companies in acquiring talent, converting job seekers into applicants, and making informed recommendations throughout the recruiting process.

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Create an assignment for Wendy by submitting information about the role and your hiring preferences.

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Wendy engages passive candidates, screens active applicants, and automatically coordinates next steps with qualified and interested talent.

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Wendy intelligently extracts and quantifies information to present you with the context you need to make an informed hiring decision.

Wendy's Capabilities

Defining the conversation between human and machine

Wade & Wendy is establishing the future of AI-human interaction by creating the foundation for a new kind of relationship. People who chat with our AI Recruiters have rich, personalized conversations and form meaningful, mutually trusting connections. There's nothing artificial about it.


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Our human + machine team

Our team is humanizing the recruiting process by changing the way people and machines work together. We're committed to growing teams and helping people find meaningful work. Want to know more about the team training Wendy and Wade?

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